Monday, December 3, 2012

Living Room...Check

I am super excited to say that the livingroom is DONE {with the exception of a couple of touch ups}. After hole filling, priming, and 2 wrong paint colors, I finally have my Dovetail Grey Living room!
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After being in the space a few days, I of course had to rearrange the furniture {thanks again to everyone who has donated furniture to us}. I also was not happy about looking at the white pin board material above the mantle. I have plans to find something to cover it, but until then I decided to paint it the same color as the wall...

Memory Lane

The Daycare Days

Starting Out

Holey Mess
Getting Somewhere

Feeling Like a Home

Once I got it all squared away I dove in decorating for Christmas...Over a week later, I am ALMOST finished!! I will be sure to share our Sweet Family Holiday Home :)

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