Monday, March 18, 2013

Adios Not My Amigo

I could sing a song I'm so happy! I did it!! Remember my awesome floating cabinets??

Well, I hope you didn't think they were to awesome because they are GONE!!

I took them down all by myself {which I think I should get some sort of trophy or something for} and I am NOT sad to see them go :)

I have made a few more small changes, such as appliance placement and some added furniture, but have a few more projects in the works.

First up, refreshing the inside of this pantry..

Painting the outside of the kitchen door...

But I feel like things are finally moving along...



I have been working on my spray paint obsession on sunny days. I started some projects a while back. You can revisit here. Here are the results of those babies.

I found a few other goodies on a quick trip to Goodwill that I have ideas for..

It will more than likely include spray paint...I think I have a problem...Do they have a 1800 number I can call...whoever they are?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sneak Peek

We did it!! We took the plunge and picked a paint color! Thank you to everyone who put in their input. Sometimes my mind can go a million places and I need someone to reign me in :) These were the choices we were considering.

The majority thought Gateway Grey was the way to go...

We agreed that was also the best choice BUT could stand to be a little lighter. My mother in law and her bff Molly ran off to play at Sherwin Williams and came back with the winner. Im calling it greyn aka grey/green {you have to pronounce it with a hick like accent :grain:}

I have a few more things to take care of before the big reveal {remember those "floating" cabinets} so thanks again for your ideas and hope you check back.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lamp Love and Spray Paint Mania

I recently posted about some changes I made in the living room. I did a little revamping on a hand me down lamp {thanks Alan and Anna Lou} and a Goodwill bargain lamp. Both were brass, ick and reeked of the 80's.

I chose my favorite method for quick face lifts, spray paint! I usually wind up spray painting most things I own {you can see some past projects here, and here} so these lamps were no exception. I went with a nickel finish Krylon brand spray paint.

I scuffed them up a tad and then gave them a solid coat, then left them to dry over night.

I took them outside the next day and gave them another coat and found a few other things to paint while I was at it.

I found this urnish vase in my moms garage.

And this mail sorter in the leftovers of the daycare.

Your going to have to come back if you want to see how those turned out, but for are my lamps!

I found these simple shades for both of them {although I may have to add a little something to them :)} The table lamp will stay in the livingroom for now, but we are lamp poor at the moment so I doubt this baby will last long in its current home.

Choices Choices

So the big day is finally here!!! The paint is going on the walls! Yaaaayyy, Happy dance {my kitchen has been torn apart for over a week now} The trim, doors, and moldings have all been painted and we are ready for the next step, with one exception....I CANT decide on a paint color. I would slap a little on and think, Yeah! That looks great!, then it would get dark out, or dry, and it would be all wrong. Ugh. So, I painted all 5 choices on the wall in patches along the black molding. I painted a strip of white next to each one so you can see the contrast it will have against all the white trim and put on 2 coats to insure their true colors. Whew! Now this is where you come in! Please, please let me know which you like best. We are using all HGTV Home colors by Sherwin Williams through the whole house and are trying to keep everything appealing to the masses for when we decide to sell. Are you ready? Concentrate. Here we go.

Color #1 {selected by my mother in law} Bittersweet Stem

Color #2 Gateway Grey

Color #3 Dovetail Grey {this is the color from our livingroom}

Color #4 Distance {the color from our bathroom} with a little white mixed in.

Color #5 Natural Choice { It is under the molding above the doorway}

Ok! Let's hear it!! Which one should be THE one?? Or should I just start all over? Suggestions of your own?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kitchen Project Phase 1

The first steps to a better kitchen have been completed!! I was hoping to be further along by now, but my back paid the price of standing on tall ladders for 3 days and had to go on hiatus. So, if you need a refresher, here is where we started {here}

Keeping in mind that this house was a daycare for the past 20 years, my first task was filling HUNDREDS of tiny thumbtack holes all over the walls from years of holiday decorations and children's works of art.

Luckily, my mother in law has been an excellent help and we were able to get the trim primed...

The ceiling painted...

I filled some cracks on the pantry door...

We were also able to prime the walls before we..well..hit the wall

My back picked a good time to go out because we weren't crazy about our paint choices.

I want to paint the cabinets, but my mother in law disagrees. What do you think? Paint suggestions?