Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lamp Love and Spray Paint Mania

I recently posted about some changes I made in the living room. I did a little revamping on a hand me down lamp {thanks Alan and Anna Lou} and a Goodwill bargain lamp. Both were brass, ick and reeked of the 80's.

I chose my favorite method for quick face lifts, spray paint! I usually wind up spray painting most things I own {you can see some past projects here, and here} so these lamps were no exception. I went with a nickel finish Krylon brand spray paint.

I scuffed them up a tad and then gave them a solid coat, then left them to dry over night.

I took them outside the next day and gave them another coat and found a few other things to paint while I was at it.

I found this urnish vase in my moms garage.

And this mail sorter in the leftovers of the daycare.

Your going to have to come back if you want to see how those turned out, but for are my lamps!

I found these simple shades for both of them {although I may have to add a little something to them :)} The table lamp will stay in the livingroom for now, but we are lamp poor at the moment so I doubt this baby will last long in its current home.

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