Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Sweet Family Holiday Home 2012

I was thrilled to get to decorate an entire house for Christmas this year! Every other year of my adult decorating life, has been spent in an apartment or condo {Christmas decor 2011} so I will ALL out! Take a quick look at our Holiday home.

Walk up the lit peppermint path and say hello to Santa along the way.

The sounds of the jingle bell wreath greet you with the opening or the front door. Up the garland and light wrapped stairs, you will find the first of our many Christmas trees.

Back down the stairs and into the entry hall, you will find one of my all time favorite Christmas decorations, The Nativity. My mother in law buys us a new piece every year.

Into the living room, you will find the other two trees.

Left tree

Right tree

I borrowed A LOT of the decor I used and it was all different styles. I combined it all, making the living room a blue, silver, and white winter wonderland theme, while the rest of the house was clad in traditional Christmas greens, reds, and golds.


Out of the living room and down the hall, lead you to the back room and bathroom which didn't escape a little Christmas whimsy.

My favorite guy. Has his own little tools in his belt and everything!

Exiting the bathroom leads you straight into the kitchen.

I put all my favorite child like decorations on the mantle in the kids playroom so they could have some Christmas spirit of their own.

From there you can head right out the side door and be on your way.

Thanks for stopping by, See you next year!

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