Friday, August 9, 2013

Living Room

Since we have been living in this house, I think I have moved around just about every room! I am a chronic room rearranger and because we have small kids, I find myself looking for better rooms or layouts that suit our family for the moment we are in.

What was once the living room, is now our master bedroom...


Newly painted "living room"

What once was the kids play room, is now the living room...

The kids play room has been relocated to the "back room" area and both of their bedrooms are now upstairs and swapped out { Jude is in Isabelle's old room and Isabelle is in our old room} The 3rd bedroom {which was converted into a kitchenette for renters} serves as a huge walk in closet for the kids and storage. There is also a full bath on the second floor. Are you confused yet?

Back to the living room. So, once we were "living" in this room more, I had had enough of the sun yellow and grass green.  Here are the befores...

                                        Play room befores

                                          Living Room Befores

 The first step was picking out a color. Since the kitchen is a green/gray color and open to the living room, I had to choose something that would flow from one room to another. I picked Behers Rainforest Dew and had it mixed up at Sherwin Williams. I filled HUNDREDS of tiny tack holes and some larger ones. I then primed ALL the woodwork and fireplace. then started in with my tinted primer on the walls.

The color of the tinted primer had me nervous. It was supposed to have a light green undertone, but wound up looking like butter. So, back to SW we went and had them play with it until we came up with the final color, that I LOVE...

This July was my hubby and I's 5th wedding anniversary. We always buy each other the traditional year gift as a tradition. This year was wood and this is my gift...
Love it!!

I have plans to paint out the mirror in a fun color {ideas?}

Add some backing to the shelf for support and a pop of color

Wanting more throw pillows with fun colors and patterns and have an idea for a huge gallery wall behind the couch...


Here you can see the transition into the kitchen...

It was A LOT of work. The walls required primer and 2 coats of paint. The woodwork needed sanded, a coat of primer, and 4 coats of paint. The fireplace was primed twice, painted with 2 coats, and had all the grates removed and painted.

Still to do:

Window treatments
TV stand
Paint Mirror
Reinforce book case
Add decorative touches

Next on the list? The upstairs. I don't think I have posted a single picture of our second floor. So, if I am not boring you to tears, you should come back to check it out!

Pantry and Paint Project Reveal

Hello Bloggerland! I have been MIA for MONTHS now! Sorry about that. Our lives have been CRAZY this summer. Luke graduated from pharmacy school, we moved across the country, Luke now has a new job, and Isabelle starts kindergarten on Monday! I have not stopped on my projects, but had a hard time recording everything I did. I am going to do a quick update on what's been changing around here!

I believe I was in the kitchen when we were together last. The paint is done and I finished my pantry project! Here is a reminder or where we were and are how things are looking these days..


The pantry had old liner in it and smelled like and old time log cabin..

I emptied it out, pulled out the paper, filled all the holes, primed, painted, and organized it...

 I had plenty of room for all our food, serving dishes, spices, and paper products {paper towels, trash bags, plastic cups, etc}

Remember these?

They all got a little face lift and found a home on my coffee bar...

I used my fave, spray paint, to turn the wooden circle orange and the Merry Christmas platter got a blast of sunny yellow before making its way under my coffee maker.

I still have a few more things in the works for the kitchen and I promise to update faster now that I have a little free time available. Stayed tuned for the next saga, where we tackle the living room!