Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Choices Choices

So the big day is finally here!!! The paint is going on the walls! Yaaaayyy, Happy dance {my kitchen has been torn apart for over a week now} The trim, doors, and moldings have all been painted and we are ready for the next step, with one exception....I CANT decide on a paint color. I would slap a little on and think, Yeah! That looks great!, then it would get dark out, or dry, and it would be all wrong. Ugh. So, I painted all 5 choices on the wall in patches along the black molding. I painted a strip of white next to each one so you can see the contrast it will have against all the white trim and put on 2 coats to insure their true colors. Whew! Now this is where you come in! Please, please let me know which you like best. We are using all HGTV Home colors by Sherwin Williams through the whole house and are trying to keep everything appealing to the masses for when we decide to sell. Are you ready? Concentrate. Here we go.

Color #1 {selected by my mother in law} Bittersweet Stem

Color #2 Gateway Grey

Color #3 Dovetail Grey {this is the color from our livingroom}

Color #4 Distance {the color from our bathroom} with a little white mixed in.

Color #5 Natural Choice { It is under the molding above the doorway}

Ok! Let's hear it!! Which one should be THE one?? Or should I just start all over? Suggestions of your own?

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