Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Taking On The Kitchen

After taking some time off after the holidays, our trip to Disney, the cold weather, etc, I am FINALLY on to the next room in the house. The kitchen! I realized looking back at the original Home SWEET Home post, that my tour fell a little short and I didn't post a SINGLE photo of the kitchen. Shame on me! So, here are some befores for you {I did however remove some birdhouse border from there already and couldn't find any pictures that showed it}

This is a shot of the whole room, from the corner, beside a window.

Same corner, just looking more towards the side door.

To say this kitchen is outdated is an understatement, but it is HUGE.

From the back hall, looking towards the side door to the house. If you cant find the door, just look for the awkward exit sign {slap that on the to do list}

Since this is the door we use on a daily basis, this area doubles are our "landing station" { I have written about our Florida landing station and you can relive that here} Instead of pool toys and sunscreen, our Indiana landing station comes packed with scarves, hats, gloves, and coats.

Isabelle's school calendars, box tops, and fun projects have a home on the pin board.
We have a basket for changing a quick diaper and another holding all those aforementioned scarves and gloves. 

Hats on top, along with sunglasses, keys, and a cup for loose change.

Moving on...On the opposite side of the opening to the toy room are some built in cabinets that I use as sort of a breakfast station.

All manner of baked goods make their way here {but not for long} alongside the coffee pot. Coffee, filters, creamer, mugs, toaster, and breads, are stored in the upper glass cabinets.

He man Jude ripped one of the lower doors off, but it gave me inspiration for a future project {check back for that}

Looking back into the meat of the kitchen, you will see the stove, fridge, sink, and remaining cabinetry.

There is also a laundry room behind the door next to the fridge and a nice sized built in pantry next to the table by the window.

The ceilings are super high in this room {and all rooms for that matter} and are accented by a nice picture rail across 2 walls.

I would like to remove the upper portion of the cabinetry here to draw your eye up in the room instead of chopping it in half.

So, now that you see what we are working with, here is the list of to do's for Kitchen makeover stage 1.

  • Fill holes
  • Prime walls and woodwork {not cabinets, for now}
  • Prime water stain on ceiling
  • Paint Ceiling
  • Paint Walls
  • Paint Trim
  • Remove remaining doors on lower coffee bar cabinets
  • Remove upper cabinet {hopefully}

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  1. That is a big kitchen with lots of potential.. I can't wait to see the end results!