Saturday, November 10, 2012

Home SWEET Home

Hey Hey Blogger land! I have started an additional blog!! I will pause for a moment and let you all cheer and clap with excitement. Alright, alright already, that's enough. This new blog is all about the newest chapter in our lives...Our new house! Well, technically it is an old house and that is what has inspired me to create this new blog.

While we have been living in Florida for the past 4 years, Indiana is our true home SWEET home and with 6 months left until hubby graduates, we have already started the migration back to the Midwest and into our new abode. The kids and I will be here, husband/daddy less for a while but this leaves me PLENTY of time to update the old with super fun new!

Our new home was built in 1850 and is large, grand, and outdated. For the past 20 years it has been used as a daycare center with the upstairs fitted as an apartment. We have already been hard at work on a few projects, but here is a peak at a few of the rooms before!

Welcome to From Florida to Flora!!

The Living room before {minus the flower border i removed}

We will be doing this room first as it is the first room you see after the entry, when you walk into the house. We have plans for new wall color, painted trim, and an updated fireplace.

View into entry with bathroom door on the left

Entry before

View of toy room from kitchen

Before {once again I removed a children's border already}

This room will also get new wall paint, trim paint, and an updated fireplace.

View into the kitchen

So there is your sneak peak! I will show you before's of the rest of the house later and also fill you in on the progress we have made so far!

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